Hi there, I'm Jenna, it's short for Jennifer. I started going by Jenna because at the time Jennifer was so common but now days its more of a age identifier lol, I answer to both but inevitably the both get shortened to Jenn. I am a creative mind, design and art have always been at the root of my being. It's like breathing to me. I'm sure many of you know what I mean.
The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising is where I began my professional creative path where I achieved a degree in Visual Communication. After several years working in Visual Merchandising but wanting to further my skills I decided to return to college at  Academy of Art University focusing on Graphic Design. I love being a Graphic Designer and know I made the right choice to expand my skill set. My combined skills of  visual merchandising and graphic design have given me a powerful and complex design head.
My goal as a designer is to be working and creating for something I am passionate about. I hope to share my talents and creative inspiration with all I work with as well as gain inspiration from those around me. I crave being a part of a tribe that thrives on and exudes positive energy.
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